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To meet your 3D printing requirements, we accept the following file formats: stl, obj, stp, step, igs, iges, zip, png, jpg, jpeg, gif

Do not hesitate to contact us via the “Quote on request” link, on our homepage. You can send us your file, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Technology Minimum layer thickness (mm)
FDM 0.18 – 0.33
SLS 0.12
MJF 0.08
SLM 0.03 – 0.8

First, make sure your file contains only one part. Check the dimensions of your part before choosing a technology and a material, so that they are adapted to the production of your object

Finally, having a 3D file does not mean that it is ready to print. If the 3D file has not been generated correctly, the part may contain edges, holes, intersecting areas… If you notice this type of defect and you cannot correct it, do not hesitate to send us your project via the “Quote on request” page.

The dimensions depend on the technology and the material you choose.

Material Technology Maximum dimensions (mm)
PA 11 SLS 340x340x600
PA12 SLS 700x380x580
PA12 GF SLS 340x340x600
PA2241 FR SLS 700x380x580
TPU MJF 380x284x380
PA11 MJF 380x284x380
Aluminium SLM 500x280x325
Stainless steal SLM 500x280x325
Titanium SLM 280x280x350
Technology Minimum wall thickness (mm)
SLS 1.5
MJF 1.5

The materials currently proposed are :

Family Material
Polymers TPU
Ceramics Zirconia
Metals Aluminium
Stainless steal

If you have a project with another material, do not hesitate to contact us via the page “Quote on request”.

All our materials are proposed with an associated colour. If you want one which is not present on Fastrepro, do not hesitate to let us know via our “Quote on request” page.

We can process orders of 100 parts maximum.

If your project implies technical difficulties, your order will be cancelled and we will contact you within 2 days to find an alternative solution.

Once your order has been validated, we will receive a notification, and we will assess the feasibility of your project within 2 days. We willl contact you in case of technical complications

We are committed to informing you of any expected delivery delays.

In the event of permanent unavailability of materials, we will notify you and commit to refund your payment within 30 days from the unavailability notification date.

In case of temporary unavailability of materials, we will inform you of the date on which your order will be available. You can then maintain or cancel your order. In the latter case, we commit to refund your payment within 30 days of your request.